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Momoi SOFLEX FC (Length: 50mt, Diameter: 0.330mm, Strength: 6.7kg)
Momoi SOFLEX FC (Length: 50mt, Diameter: 0.330mm, Strength: 6.7kg)
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This product covers the disadvantage of the standard fluorocarbon such as strains and hard memory due to low stretch and high sensitivity, and realizes high handleability. With its special soft processing, it maintains the natural advantages of the fluorocarbon such as high sensitivity and strength, and at the same time adds high-level softness and flexibility. It is not subject to peculiar winding and has distinguished conformity to the spool. The casting ability has also improved dramatically thanks to the consideration to guide friction upon casting. Also focusing on the abrasion resistance, it excels its power even at complex places.

Material: Ultra Strong MIJ Fluorocarbon
Processing: MJ Processing
Color: Clear
Make-up: 50mtr, 100mtr spool


  • Ultra Strong MIJ Fluorocarbon
  • High Flexibility & Softness
  • High Sensitivity
  • MJS Processing
  • Non Pressure Spooling
  • UV Block


Main Line: Bass Fishing, Sea Bass Fishing, Salt Water Light Game
Leader Line: Boat Fishing, Rock Fishing, Casting, Sea Bass Fishing, Trout Fishing


Japanese No. #0.5 #0.6 #0.8 #1 #1.25 #1.5
Standard Diameter 0.117 mm 0.128 mm 0.148 mm 0.165 mm 0.185 mm 0.203 mm
KG(test class) 1.2kg 1.4kg 1.9kg 2.7kg 2.9kg 3.6kg
LB(test class) 2.5lb 3lb 4lb 5lb 6lb 7lb
50mtr Spool
100mtr Spool
Japanese No. #1.75 #2 #2.2 #3 #4 #5
Standard Diameter 0.218 mm 0.234 mm 0.245 mm 0.286 mm 0.330 mm 0.369 mm
KG(test class) 4.0kg 4.3kg 4.7kg 5.5kg 6.7kg 8.1kg
LB(test class) 8lb 9lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb
50mtr Spool
100mtr Spool
Japanese No. #6 #7 #8 #10 #12
Standard Diameter 0.405 mm 0.437 mm 0.467 mm 0.522 mm 0.570 mm
KG(test class) 9.1kg 10.5kg 11.8kg 14.5kg 16.9kg
LB(test class) 18lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 35lb
50mtr Spool
100mtr Spool        

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