Maria Rapido

Maria Rapido F160 (Length: 160mm, Weight: 50gr, Color: B04C)
Maria Rapido F160 (Length: 160mm, Weight: 50gr, Color: B04C)
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Maria Rapido 


Even though they followed the lure, they could not get a strike, they were going home and they were going home.

"Here if we can make this kind of movement ..."

A Rapid movement that can fulfill that feeling. 
It responds to the operation of the angler with the action that can be changed freely. 
That's why you can "feed it"!









A diving pencil bait for a stoic angler full of adventure spirit that aims at large-sized big game targets, the lure is the Maria Rapido. 
In the rod work it draws just under the water surface with a long stroke, it is the blue thing of recent years that does not use the mouth quite often with just the classic long jerk alone. 
Therefore, anglers manipulate the lure variously, aiming at the guys and others. 
It is Rapid that swims exactly in response to each rod work, the will of Angler 's will. 
"True operability". "Pleasure to operate". 
Blue fish become increasingly interesting.







MAX 80 m

Thanks to the slim body with low air resistance and the weight placed at the end of the body, beat out the best flying distance (F 160: average 75 m, maximum 80 m / F 130: average 70 m, maximum 80 m) in the class. If you have a high foothold on a beach or embankment, or if there is a tailwind, you can expect even more distance.

Proper tackle data


  F130 F160 F230
ROD SIZE 10ft Medium 10ft Medium to Heavy 10ft Heavy to High Heavy
REEL SIZE 4000  4500 6500
LINE SIZE P.E: 1.5 Leader: 30LB P.E: 3.0 Leader: 60LB P.E: 8.0 Leader: 140LB


Loading Capacity:

According to our measurements, load carrying capacity (at the time of static loading) is 60kg for F160. Eventhough at a first glance it seems to be overspecified, but Maria decided to raise the probability of catching a huge trophy fish.
The internal structure has also reinforced ribs.   

F130: 40kg
F160: 60kg
F230: 90kg


Rib reinforcement inside the main body


Adopt Penetration Wire


Color Ring which can only be expressed with plastic:



By Maria's pattended technology "Design Holo", we also have a lineup that produces transparent flushing, a new visual effect that coexists both hologram reflection and plastic body light transmission.
In addition you can choose a color with various visual effects such as Keimura, Glow, Aluminum color reminiscent of Wood Lure.


Possible to use

Proper tackle data:

F130 F160 F230




P.E: 3.0 Leader: 60LB

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