Little Jack Forma Adict

Little Jack Forma Adict (Length: 78mm, Weight: 22gr, Color: # 01 Katakuchi Ichiba Special Holo + Real print)
Little Jack Forma Adict (Length: 78mm, Weight: 22gr, Color: # 01 Katakuchi Ichiba Special Holo + Real print)
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Little Jack Forma Adict

【Rial Extent】

  • ■ Real bait form & rolling vibe action produced by small fins
  • Real Representation × Representing unprecedented real with special holo
  • ■ Wire penetration × tough ABS sold body
  • ■ Small bait formum and weight generating overwhelming distance
  • ■ Large hook loading × Certain action
  • ■ Compact FIN pursuing action and suction
  • ■ Super real eye giving a sense of life



Forma addict
68 mm / 15.0 g
TYPE: Sinking


Forma addict
78 mm / 22.0 g
TYPE: Sinking



Really extreme.

Next-generation vibrations that pursued real shaping and fishing results thoroughly FORMA ADICT (forma addict)

Apart from the normal vibration, it has undergone in detail the quality of beyond recognition and slender bait form and authentic as close as possible to the real thing.

The "vibration action close to the rolling" of commitment fins infinitely miniaturization and its slender bait form is produce,
It reduces the interference sound of the body of the high appeal by the conventional strong vibration and the body of the hook, with the movement of the rolling system while vibrating
Even in the high pressure area, we have a lot of fishing results.

Further, slender form and small fins, succeeded in dramatically reducing Balazs compared with the conventional vibration target tends suction.
Furthermore, also in the head wind will have to allow the fence long cast performance off the wind by its own weight and its miniaturized form.

Designed body through ABS body solid body & wire.
Problems of the eye portion for rear vibrations of conventional vibration that had caused the body to be thinly broken or damaged due to breakage
It wipes out by designing with solid body and wire penetration of ABS resin. I make it fightable with confidence even in large size.
Also, it adopts a larger hook than the body. We realize sufficient toughness and improved hooking performance.

In the real color of this lure, as the catch phrase of "Real realizes!"
All real prints and special holograms reproduce a glossy body surface.
In addition, I am wearing a super real eye which gives a more sense of life.

Day, night, mazume, night light, harbor, surf, river, offshore Seven carefully selected colors that you can use in any scene
8 colors with limited color 1 color added and exactly 2 sizes line-up of bait size 68 mm and 78 mm.

New vibration that pursues not only real but also fishery is Forma Addict.















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