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Fishing is a meticulously relaxing hobby. If you’re aiming for a tournament trophy, a new personal record catch or just for pure relaxing fun, Tackle4all.com provides all the means you need for that thrillful moment of landing your goal.

At Tackle4all.com we know about fishing. Following the fast innovative trends of the field up close and from the source. We provide our customers with products from leading companies from all over the world and especially the Japanese market such as Major Craft, Daiwa. YGK, Quantum and many others. The latest fishing equipment from the country of the rising sun to Europe’s doorstep.

Excellent customer services! Being in the online market for over a decade and in the retail business as SUPER ACTION since 1989 in Cyprus with thousands of satisfying customers is a testimony on its own about our professionalism.
Fast customer support in multiple social platforms, fast shipping, product guarantees, after sales service, great prices and super offers are some of the qualities that make us excel in the Tackle business. Just reach out and we will be available to help you out anyway we can!

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