Yamashita Egi OH Q Live Basic Warm Jacket Size:3.0

Yamashita Egi OH Q Live Basic Warm Jacket (Size:3.0, Colour: R07 RPF)
Yamashita Egi OH Q Live Basic Warm Jacket (Size:3.0, Colour: R07 RPF)
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Yamashita Egi OH Q Live


Yamashita Egi OH Q Live is the cornerstone of the new Yamashita Squid Jig Generation. With innovating industry leading features Yamashita Egi OH Q Live sets a high standard in competition since squid cannot simply resist of this lure!




  • The Warm Jacket: The Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live uses unique thermo-storage cloth called the 'warm jacket'. The cloth reacts to light (any form of light: sunlight or artificial light) and will maintain its temperature for longer than traditional cloths. With the capacity to hold heat similar to natural fish the Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live jigs are more successful in attracting squid’s interest since squid can recognize temperature variations when hunting prey. The new material is called 'Tactywarm' which is weaved with a unique thread that is able to change light into heat. It can absorb light from sunlight to artificial light, changing it into thermo energy about 0.5 degree Celsius to 1 degree Celsius warmer in the water, depending on the conditions.The Egi Oh Q Live has an uncompromised balance. The unique aerodynamic body design, the slim nose and the specially designed sinker makes this jig on of the best in terms of casting distance.





  • Slim Nose & Hyper Direct SUS Eyelet:Yamashita also patented the nose design in the Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live. It is the thinnest nose available on any of their jigs but does not compromise its strength. This gives it the advantage of minimizing water resistance when hopped which gives the jig more action for less effort. The LIVE jerks a lot sharper when you lift the rod, generating a much better 'walk the dog' action. The Hyper Direct SUS Eyelet is set deep into the body to keep the jig strength and protect against breakage or leaks.

  • Flat Laser Eyes: The Big and Flat Eyes feature a Glow Edge in order for an increased squid appeal.
  • Knife-Edged Sinker: This sinker has been designed to reduce resistance during casting and retrieving in the water.
  • Super Fined S/S Spikes: Original design Stainless Steel curved spikes.






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