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Major Craft Giant Killing 2017 Casting Model GXC-86TUNA (Length: 2.62mt, Lure: MAX 120gr)
Major Craft Giant Killing 2017 Casting Model GXC-86TUNA (Length: 2.62mt, Lure: MAX 120gr)
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Major Craft Giant Killing 2017 Casting Model 


The new Giant Killing Series was developed to aim migratory fish and blue fish by casting and jigging techniques. The rods feature a flexible tip with the use of a diving pencil without compromising the operability of a metal jig.

The 4-axis carbon process is used for the butt section so sharp casting is possible and also provides a less pulling advantage to large fighting fish during fighting the fish.  


Casting model

Model Total length (ft) Lure (g) PE line (No.) action JAN
GXC-70ML 7'0 " 15-60 1.5-3 RF 4573236280516
GXC-76ML 7'6 " 15-60 1.5-3 RF 4573236280523
GXC-76M 7'6 " 20-80 2-4 RF 4573236280530
GXC-80BURI 8'0 " 25-80 2-5 RF 4573236280547
GXC-77HIRAMASA 7'7 " 60-100 3-6 RF 4573236280554
GXC-86HIRAMASA 8'6 " 60-100 3-6 RF 4573236280561
GXC-86TUNA 8'6 " max 120 max8 RF 4573236280578

● Action R: Regular RF: Regular Fast F: Fast EX 

NEW GXC-70ML Use a popper or pencil to aim for migrating fish like bonito or shira, or use a casting jig or sinking pencil for medium-sized blue objects such as warasa. The 7-foot short-longing is excellent for undercasts from congested passenger ships, and it is a model that you want to use in situations where maneuvering is limited.
NEW GXC-76ML The most versatile model in boat casting games. It is also recommended for floating fish such as bonito and shira fish with a popper or pencil, and for mid-sized green objects such as warasa using a diving pencil or popper. Long cast performance utilizing the length of 7 ft 6 inc.
NEW GXC-76M This model comes into play if you aim for large-scale migratory fish such as over 5 kilos of skipjackets and over-the-meter shiras, or blue ones such as yellowtail. A flexible tip that suppresses the bounce of the diving pencil may be prepared for nabblers that occur easily during jigging because it is easy to undercast on boarding ships.
NEW GXC-80BURI This model, which was developed for Buri casting, has a long throw ability in addition to a flexible tip that excels in the operation of a small sinking pencil or diving pencil and a powerful bat that can not be compared with the intense Buri fight. It is a model that has If you want to avoid a long fight on the ship when jigging. A special design that assumes a fight with yellowtail is a feature of this model.
NEW GXC-77HIRAMASA It is a model that features a flexible tip that excels in maneuverability of the diving pencil and a powerful bat that is not inferior to the intense fight of Hiramasa. The length of 7ft7inc, which is good for handling, does not get in the way even on a boarding ship, so it is a recommended model for aiming at Hiramasa between casts and jiggings between casting vessel shells.
NEW GXC-86HIRAMASA It is a model that you definitely want to have in the Hiramasa casting game at the point that requires a flight distance. The tip section with excellent maneuverability of the diving pencil and the strong bat power are exactly the model for Hiramasa.The long blank of 8ft6inc earns a long distance with a light force and absorbs the burden even with Hiramasa's intense fight, so it greatly reduces the burden on the angler in a major aim.
NEW GXC-86TUNA It is a model equipped with the power to stop the 40kg class yellowfin. It features a powerful blank that can fully cast large pencils and a flexible tip section with excellent operation of the diving pencil. The bat section is a powerful setting that incorporates 4-axis carbon and a cross force process, so you can fight without giving the tuna a lead. This is a torqueful setting that reduces the burden on the angler, so it's a good one for the first tuna game.


Blank design

The main material is torqueable medium and high elastic carbon, and the cross force and 4-axis method are adopted for the butt section.

Guide concept

K series guide setting with lightweight new SIC [S-SIC] ring. It is a guide of high performance ring and light and reliable frame. [Double wrapping adop

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